Our firm supports excellence, professionalism, creativity and multidisciplinary, while implementing all of these in a pleasant work environment.

The attorneys at our firm make sure to update and expand their expertise by taking part in legal and business continual education programs, provided by the leading institutions, each in its area of expertise, as well as participating in a variety of lectures given by guest lecturers in offices. All, done in order to expand the theoretical knowledge and practical experience of the attorneys and interns in our firm, and to ensure a professional, reliable and comprehensive response to our clients.

We believe that the people in our firm are the key to its success, and therefore we bring on lawyers and inters, who are best suited to the nature of our firm – professional, devoted, and possess the highest degree of quality and interpersonal skills.

Internship at our firm

Interning at our firm is done through assigning each intern to a specialized professional department, at the time of his/her acceptance to the firm. During the internship period, the intern is exposed to a wide range of issues in his area of expertise, and therefore can deepen, learn and specialize in his field of expertise while working with the team of professional attorneys in the department.

The interns are considered part of the legal team that handles the firm’s cases and are fully involved and immersed in all professional work on the case.

We are pleased to bring to our ranks outstanding and creative students who have the initiative and motivation, as we see our interns as the next generation of the firm.


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