Labor Law

Our firm’s Labor Law department provides ongoing legal counseling and accompaniment in the Labor Law practice area, both to employers including government corporations, urban companies, public and private companies, as well as to private individuals.

The department provides legal counseling in all aspects of Labor Law, including the establishment of work agreements, option plans and compensation, legal opinions and executive trainings. The departments’ attorneys accompany the firm’s clients in all matters relating to the establishment of personal and collective labor agreements, as well as in negotiating against the employee organizations. Within this framework, the department takes part in the ongoing legal accompaniment to companies employing tens to thousands of employees. Our firm specializes in representation of legal proceedings conducted in the Regional Labor Courts, as well as the National Labor Court, in addition to appeals filed to the Superior Court, in regard to all aspects of Labor Law, including the representation of our firm’s clients in all proceedings, including urgent proceedings for receiving temporary remedies, urgent injunctions and more.

In addition, the department also undertakes the accompaniment of commercial transactions in terms of Labor Law, including providing counseling and accompaniment in regard to making structural and organizational changes within companies, mergers, the purchasing of companies, liquidations and more, all relating to the matter of transitioning the employees, reserving their rights and laws in relation to these issues as a whole.

The department has acquired years of unique experience in regard to providing legal counseling to Co-Operative Societies, Kibbutzim (including “Renewable Kibbutzim) and collective enterprises, including creating an appropriate legal infrastructure for employer-employee relations, between the Kibbutz (and its enterprises), and its members.


    Eviatar Knoler

    Adv. Eviatar Knoller is one of the founders of the Gilat-Knoller Law firm (1995), and is currently the Head of Knoller & Co.

    Eviatar is known as a leading litigator in all areas of Litigation and as a renowned expert in the practice area of the Settlements Sector.

    Eviatar possesses immense experience and a multi-disciplinary knowledge in a variety of legal fields, mainly in the practice areas of Insolvency and Restructuring, Commercial Law, Co-Operative Societies, Real Estate, Labor law, and more.

    Eviatar specializes in representing clients in complex legal proceedings in the various Courts of Law, including in international commercial and civil arbitration proceedings, both in Israel and abroad. Eviatar is often nominated as an arbitrator in complex commercial disputes.

    Eviatar possesses immense experience in representing Multinational Corporations, local and international banks, corporations in the Industrial Sector, corporations in the Energy field, as well as private individuals in negotiation processes along with providing legal counsel in the formulation and implementation of commercial transactions all over the world, including in the United States, China, Europe, Africa and more.

    In the past, Eviatar has served as the Parliamentary Assistant to Yair Zaban, alongside managing special projects at the Israel National Council for the Child, and even served as a lecturer at The Association for Civil Rights in Israel.

    Starting from the year 2000 and up until today, Eviatar serves as a member of the Board of Directors of the Lotem voluntary association which operates and manages an agricultural farm that is specifically customized or the needs of handicapped youth.

    From 2014 until today, Eviatar represents the Movement for Freedom of Information, pro bono. Eviatar resided as Chairman of the Tel-Aviv District Court in the Israel Bar Association Court Committee, and currently resides as Chairman of the Israel Bar Association’s “Midrasha Graduate School of Law”. Eviatar lectures at the Bar’s seminars and conferences and is often invited to lecture in front of many more bodies.

    Eviatar received his LLB from the Faculty of Law at the Hebrew University, in 1991.