Planning & Zoning

Our firm’s planning and zoning department is highly experienced in the various aspects in the field of planning and zoning.

The department provided professional legal counseling in all arrays of planning and zoning, and is involved in every relevant step of the regulatory process regarding planning and zoning, including City Building Plans, expert opinions, the accompaniment of developers in real estate improvement processes, parceling proceedings, change of zoning, licensing and so on.

The department’s attorneys have years of experience representing clients in resistances and appeals, representing in petitions before the administrative affairs courts and the high court of justice, including law suits for expropriation compensation, managing complex litigation cases in the field of planning and zoning, representing defendants in criminal proceedings according to the planning and zoning act, and more.

Our firm represents some of the largest local authorities in Israel, in major law suits, related to, but not only, the planning and zoning field, in addition to representing and providing legal counseling to corporations, many co-operative societies, settlements and individual clients in this area of practice. Our firm is highly experienced when it comes to the representation of local authorities on the one hand and private establishments on the other hand, all in regard to planning and zoning proceedings in the matter of national infrastructures (i.e. railroads, highways and airports).

In the past few years our firm has accumulated a wide range of successes in the practice area of Planning and Construction, including the reduction of betterment taxes for the firm’s clients, for the sums of millions of NIS. In addition, a number of impressive accomplishments have been credited to said department in regard to major advancements of local Outline Plans (including the rejection of objections and legal proceedings initiated against such plans, the prevention of advancing harmful plans as well as receiving severance pay in the sum of millions of NIS, all within the frameworks of legal proceedings initiated by our firm.