Settlements and Cooperative Societies

Our firm specializes in the unique practice of cooperative societies, and accordingly, is regularly ranked as one of Israel’s leading firms in this particular area of practice.

Our firm’s cooperative societies division provides ongoing general legal counseling to dozens of cooperative societies in general, and to Kibbutzim and Moshavim in particular, mainly, but not only, in the following fields of practice:

Settlement Real Estate

Our firm specializes in the practice of settlement real estate, including PICA grounds, KKL-JNF (Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael – Jewish National Fund), Himnuta, etc’, all run by Israel Land Authority. The division accompanies its clients against the leading players in the field – Israel Land Authority in general, and the Agricultural Department in particular, ההסתדרות הציונית הא”י, regional/local councils, Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development, the various planning and zoning and construction committees and more.

The division’s main focuses are: accompanying clients in land entrepreneurship transactions, starting from the very first stage of mapping out the transaction in all of its aspects, and in particular taxation aspects, consultation regarding

Insolvency & Debt Restructuring

The firm’s Insolvency & Debt Restructuring division possesses an expertise in all kinds of insolvency proceedings, including recovery proceedings, liquidation and receivership proceedings, liens realization and bankruptcy.

The division provides legal advisement and representation to a wide range of corporations and individual stakeholders, either in third party insolvency proceedings, whether as creditors, share holders or the purchasers of assets, or under other circumstances, as well as providing legal advisement and representation to clients caught in financial difficulties and liquidation proceedings.

The firm’s clients list private and public companies, banks (both in Israel and abroad), investment funds, co-operative societies, partnerships, associations and individuals.

The division’s leading attorneys are regularly appointed as officials in a large variety of insolvency cases. Said appointments, derive from both court and the official receiver decisions, and at the requests of creditors with massive debt claims and institutional creditors represented by our firm, including the Taxes Authority, various banks, the municipality of Tel-Aviv and more.

Due to the collaboration between the firm’s divisions, this division has also acquired a great deal of experience in “niche” areas of expertise in the insolvency practice. For instance, the division also specializes in insolvency proceedings within Co-operative societies, in which the head of the division was nominated as an official by the Registrar of Co-operative Societies.

In addition to all of the above, our firm provides ongoing legal counseling and accompaniment to international institutional clients in huge ranged complex insolvency proceedings that are conducted in Israel, in relation to corporations and individuals that ran world-wide dealings and businesses.

The division has acquired a vast knowledge due to its managing partners and attorneys’ diverse experience, whose work has brought on major accomplishments and success in major and complex cases, including some of the biggest debt settlements the country has ever known. To note some of those, the division has represented Mr. Eduardo Elzstain within the framework of the IDB Group proceedings; the Hadassah Medical Center as to its restructuring and creditor arrangements; the Municipality of Tel-Aviv in the framework of the “Maariv” restructuring proceedings; the “New Agresco”, the acquirer of the collapsed Agresco company; and “Tiv Taam” in relation to its acquirement of the activities and assets of “Eden Teva Market” within the framework of its restructuring proceedings.

Attorney Yashinovsky has also been appointed and is serving as the Special Administrator of the public company “Karl Gaus”, the baby product company “Dr. Baby” and serves as the trustee for the stay of proceedings in B.B Regavim Company, alongside many other diverse proceedings.

Planning & Zoning

Our firm’s planning and zoning department is highly experienced in the various aspects in the field of planning and zoning.

The department provided professional legal counseling in all arrays of planning and zoning, and is involved in every relevant step of the regulatory process regarding planning and zoning, including City Building Plans, expert opinions, the accompaniment of developers in real estate improvement processes, parceling proceedings, change of zoning, licensing and so on.

The department’s attorneys have years of experience representing clients in resistances and appeals, representing in petitions before the administrative affairs courts and the high court of justice, including law suits for expropriation compensation, managing complex litigation cases in the field of planning and zoning, representing defendants in criminal proceedings according to the planning and zoning act, and more.

Our firm represents some of the largest local authorities in Israel, in major law suits, related to, but not only, the planning and zoning field, in addition to representing and providing legal counseling to corporations, many co-operative societies, settlements and individual clients in this area of practice. Our firm is highly experienced when it comes to the representation of local authorities on the one hand and private establishments on the other hand, all in regard to planning and zoning proceedings in the matter of national infrastructures (i.e. railroads, highways and airports).

In the past few years our firm has accumulated a wide range of successes in the practice area of Planning and Construction, including the reduction of betterment taxes for the firm’s clients, for the sums of millions of NIS. In addition, a number of impressive accomplishments have been credited to said department in regard to major advancements of local Outline Plans (including the rejection of objections and legal proceedings initiated against such plans, the prevention of advancing harmful plans as well as receiving severance pay in the sum of millions of NIS, all within the frameworks of legal proceedings initiated by our firm.



    Eviatar Knoler

    Adv. Eviatar Knoller is one of the founders of the Gilat-Knoller Law firm (1995), and is currently the Head of Knoller & Co.

    Eviatar is known as a leading litigator in all areas of Litigation and as a renowned expert in the practice area of the Settlements Sector.

    Eviatar possesses immense experience and a multi-disciplinary knowledge in a variety of legal fields, mainly in the practice areas of Insolvency and Restructuring, Commercial Law, Co-Operative Societies, Real Estate, Labor law, and more.

    Eviatar specializes in representing clients in complex legal proceedings in the various Courts of Law, including in international commercial and civil arbitration proceedings, both in Israel and abroad. Eviatar is often nominated as an arbitrator in complex commercial disputes.

    Eviatar possesses immense experience in representing Multinational Corporations, local and international banks, corporations in the Industrial Sector, corporations in the Energy field, as well as private individuals in negotiation processes along with providing legal counsel in the formulation and implementation of commercial transactions all over the world, including in the United States, China, Europe, Africa and more.

    In the past, Eviatar has served as the Parliamentary Assistant to Yair Zaban, alongside managing special projects at the Israel National Council for the Child, and even served as a lecturer at The Association for Civil Rights in Israel.

    Starting from the year 2000 and up until today, Eviatar serves as a member of the Board of Directors of the Lotem voluntary association which operates and manages an agricultural farm that is specifically customized or the needs of handicapped youth.

    From 2014 until today, Eviatar represents the Movement for Freedom of Information, pro bono. Eviatar resided as Chairman of the Tel-Aviv District Court in the Israel Bar Association Court Committee, and currently resides as Chairman of the Israel Bar Association’s “Midrasha Graduate School of Law”. Eviatar lectures at the Bar’s seminars and conferences and is often invited to lecture in front of many more bodies.

    Eviatar received his LLB from the Faculty of Law at the Hebrew University, in 1991.

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